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Label: corvo records - core 005 • Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental, Musique Concrète
Download Subfertile (A Dead End Thrill And A Cheesy Addiction) - Nicolas Wiese - Living Theory Without Anecdo

There is a common thread: all four compositions are constructed out of samples from acoustic instrument and object recordings, and mostly have rather floating structures with slow crescendos and little disruptions. Sound manipulations from the original instruments have been taken into further processing by Wiese afterwards, serving as a pool for a series of audiovisual solo performances.

The result is a merging of borrowed sounds and their haptic transformation — layered, cut and overlapped into percussive and harmonic properties and relations that have not been there Subfertile (A Dead End Thrill And A Cheesy Addiction) - Nicolas Wiese - Living Theory Without Anecdo. Subfertile is an elegy; maybe the most elegic piece Wiese has ever written.

The origin of the string instruments is impossible to track back since most sound bits have been drawn from recorded live performances, in which Wiese has used all kinds of string instrument sources. Additionally, Wiese performed some zither scrubbings and cello pluckings himself. Dass das eigentlich nur auf Vinyl und im Format 31 x 31 cm geht, versteht sich dann quasi von selbst. Across four compositions, Wiese strategically layers samples from acoustic instruments such as zither, cello, clarinet, and flute.

The sweeping sounds float within an ambiguous space, emerging by night when the curtains are drawn. A gelatinous layer swells—constantly accelerating, but never gaining speed—while samples of tinkling percussion and plucked strings skip across tonal rows. Each of the four tracks are governed by a different creative process.

Gruel, A Closer Listen. Os fins procurados justificam os meios. Girato il lato la lunga suite El Jardin Revisitado riassume e mette i puntini sulle i a tutto quanto espresso precedentemente, mostrando Subfertile (A Dead End Thrill And A Cheesy Addiction) - Nicolas Wiese - Living Theory Without Anecdo crescendo scheletrico che si minimalizza verso suoni di aliena natura per ritornare pesantemente sulla terra qualche centimetro sotto il livello del suono.

Da ascoltare e riascoltare, per riassettare le vostre orecchie sparpagliate. It opens with a chime that resists a smooth and swift decay, slurping up in volume again to resonate for as long as it can, as though cherishing every nanosecond of existence in the Something To Be Said - Amber Pacific - Virtues to silence and death.

Much of Living Theory Without Anecdotes plays with sound in this way. It is generously perpetuated, ignoring natural and expected volume curves to linger and even resurge back to its most intense of vibration; sustaining momentum like a creaking wheel, stalling over cobbled remnants of jittery found sound and hauling itself over a crooked path of dissonant string chords.

Its elements overlap — silence yawns in the background, looming over those moments Autodafe - Tomás Marco / Jesús Villa-Rojo - Autodafe - Ultramarina - Concerto Grosso Nº1 - Apuntes P which Living Theory Without Anecdotes is reduced to a solitary sonic curiosity, and scampering off when those small pockets of contemplation suddenly attract hoardes of rowdy, colliding percussion and frictional noises.

Auf Corvo wird konsequent Wert auch auf gutes Aussehen gelegt. Soweit die Theorie. Mehrdimensionale Elektronik, warum nicht? Geboren in Itzehoe, lebt und arbeitet er seit in Berlin. Nicolas has kindly released his rework he made years ago for a never-realized double disc on my label. Aside that he delivers four compositions in total, while one side holding up a lenghty piece of 22 minutes roughly. Nicolas has left the wild cut-up paths a bit and works out soundtracks for the suburban culture now- his music is extremely detailed and varied, ranging from subtil tones to wild, orchestral outbursts.

Fading away and materializing again he has composed another beautiful album for the vinyl medium, showing that he is still rooted to his musical oevre- the cut-up and the radical soundwork. The artwork features the typical Wiese design made together with Wendelin and depicts the music on a different level. Nicolas Wiese is a German all-rounder artist based in Berlin — responsible for some dense and fascinating audio-visual installations, samples of which play on his ultra-cool website in a highly seductive manner.

The album contains four acousmatic which is the term composers use when they intend the music to be used exclusively for playback over speakers works dated One of them is a collaboration with Rom Rojo Poller, another uses samples provided by Thorsten Soltau 1. I think at least two of the others recycle older existing compositions by Wiese himself. Most of them are composed out of samples, and he uses a good deal of processing and reprocessing to arrive at the finished product.

Wiese certainly creates a unique and effective sound. To those listeners familiar with contemporary electronic and electro-acoustic music — especially that produced by digital means — the record may superficially appear quite familiar at first, but this impression will last about five seconds.

No wonder I feel lost after only a few moments wandering in these brittle soundscapes. For years he has been riveting his sounds to our skulls using his hard-edged digital editing techniques, following a trajectory that was bound ever deeper into the minimal realms. Continue Shopping. Remember me. Lost your password? Buy the LP. Download album. Nicolas Wiese — samples, mixing desks, feedback, digitl and analogue layering.

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  5. Pathway to a cavern. The Sound Projector Radio Show Nicholas Wiese, ‘Subfertile (A Dead End Thrill and a Cheesy Addiction)’ From Living Theory Without Anecdotes, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS core LP () Babi, (Track 6) [‘Fancy Witch’] From Botanical, JAPAN NOBLE LABEL NBL CD ().
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  7. Nicolas Wiese - Living Theory Without Anecdotes - Vinyl LP - - EU A2 Subfertile (A Dead End Thrill And A Cheesy Addiction) A3 Der Elefant Im Porzellankäfig (Im Geiste Des Utilitaristischen Menschseins) B1 El Jardín Revisitado. Living Theory Without Anecdotes. LP.
  8. The album Living Theory Without Anecdotes conflates Nicolas Wiese’s acousmatic compositions from the years There is a common thread: all four compositions are constructed out of samples from acoustic instrument and object recordings, and mostly have rather floating structures with slow crescendos and little disruptions.

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