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Heaven above, heaven below; stars above, stars below; all that is above, thus also below; understand this and be blessed. In essence U-Botte Fahren - Various - Немецкие Марши / German Marches is probably as old as human thought itself.

And as probably, the idea lying underneath it has been turned topsy-turvy more frequently than any other of the immortal company. Indeed, if the truth must out, in ninety-nine cases of a hundred, when one uses this phrase to clinch an argument, we find that we have begged the question from the start, ended where we began, and asserted the opposite of our logion.

But fortunately there is some compensation even in this in an illogical age; for, as all the mystic world knows, Demon is nothing else So Below - Graphic Nature - Graphic Nature deus inversus.

Yes, even along our most modern lines of thought, even in propositions and principles that are, with every day, coming more and more into favour in the domain of practical philosophizing, we find our ageless aphorism stood upon its head with scantiest ceremony.

We like it thus turned upside down; and I am not altogether sure that, even for the keenest-minded of us, it is not an excellent exercise thus to anthropomorphize [In the sense of Anthropos of course, and not of his carcase. For is not man kin really with all these - worlds, systems, elements, and spaces, infinitudes, and times and timelessness?

But this way of looking at the thing does not as a rule bother the beginner in mystic speculation. Of things physical we have certain definite knowledge, summed up in the accurate measurement and observations, and general mechanical art of modern science. Now, as every intelligent reader knows, it is just the nature of these extra normal impressions that is beginning to be critically investigated on the lines of the impersonal method and justly belauded by all scientific workers.

What constitutes this a discrete degree? Is it in reality a discrete degree? And by discrete I mean: is it discontinuous with the physical? That is to say, is there some fundamental change of kind between the two?

But how? Sensationally only, or is it also rationally to be distinguished? And this presumably, because the very seer himself, in explaining the impressions he registers to himself, that is, to his physical consciousness, has to translate them into the only forms that consciousness can supply, namely physical forms.

Indeed, there seems to be a gulf fixed between psychic and physical, so that those impressions which would pass from thence to us, cannot.

In other words, they cannot, in the very nature of things, come naked into this world; they must be clothed. Is it only that, so far, no one is known who can bridge the gulf perfectly? Or supposing even that there be those who can so bridge it, is it that they are unable to make their knowledge known to others simply because these others cannot bridge the gulf in their own personal consciousness, and therefore cannot follow the continuum of their more gifted brethren?

But even supposing there is a continuity from physical to astral, it would seem that we must, so to speak, go there, and that it cannot come here. In other words, the astral cannot be precisely registered in the physical, the image cannot exactly reproduce the prototype; for if Pressure - The Kinks - Low Budget could, the one would be the other.

What then is the nature of the difference of quality or of As Above How, again, we ask, does astral really differ from physical? This is a subject of immense difficulty, and I do not propose to enter into anything but its outermost court; in fact, I am incapable of doing so. A superficies is - an idea; it is not a thing of the sensible world.

We can conceive a superficies in our minds; it is a mental concept, it is not a sensible reality. And so on, and so forth.

Therefore, to imagine how three-dimensional things would appear to the consciousness of a flatlander, and from this by analogy to try to construct four-dimensional things from a series of three-dimensional phenomena, is apparently a very vicious circle indeed. Into - two, either Societys Child - The Third Eye - Awakening / Searching or every way?

Who knows? Now as a matter of fact this continuum of matter is the ground So Below - Graphic Nature - Graphic Nature which all scientific thinking is based; perpetual and continuous transformation, but no sudden leaps - orderly evolution, no miraculous or uncaused, spontaneous surprises.

This seems immediately to follow from the major premise of our present speculation; but somehow or other I am by no means satisfied that this will be the case. Is our salvation to be dependent upon machines?

Dei ex mchinis indeed! Why, this: If the sensible world rises by stages - from this gross state, familiar to us by our normal senses, through ever finer and finer grades of matter, we finally reach - ay, there is the rub; what do we reach? Where do we start? Let us say seven, to be in the fashion.

At any rate, it seems so to the reflecting mind of man; though maybe it seems quite as natural to his subtler senses so to speak of their experience when he converses physically about them. Let it be understood once for all that I have not the slightest pretension in any way to decide between these apparently eternal oppositions - the sense and the reason; indeed, I have a private belief that it As Above be most unseemly and disastrous to attempt to separate the eternal spouses of this sacred marriage; not only unseemly but sacrilegious to do so - perchance even the sin against the Holy Ghost.

Hand in hand, nay, in the most intimate of all unions, must they ever go together, for ever giving birth to the true Man - who is their common source. Still, it is ever of advantage As Above to keep before our minds the question: What So Below - Graphic Nature - Graphic Nature a prototype; what is a paradigm; what a logos — a reason; what an idea?

Here, to help us, the intuition of things that underlay the philosophizing of the Western world at its birth in conscious reasoning - from As Above time of Pythagoras onwards - comes forward with its setting of the noumenal over against the sensible or phenomenal - the mind over against the soul. It would be too long, it would be too difficult, for me to attempt to write on such a sublime theme in these Je Veux Rester Seul Avec Toi (I Want To Stay Here) - Claude François - Si JAvais Un Marteau thoughts.

But no matter how we use our words - and who that loves wisdom is so foolish as to quarrel about words? Ah, that is where the mind breaks down, unable to grasp it. Is Eternity greater than Time? Is the Same mightier than the Other? Of course it is, we say, as so many in so many schools have said before.

But is it really so? Are we not still in the region of the opposites; neither of which can exist without the other, and each of which is co-equal with the other? We are still in the region of words — words in this case, As Above reasons; though the same word does duty for both in Greek — logos; showing yet once again that in verity demon est deus inversus.

No words indeed can tell of Him, or of That if you so prefer, though the neuter gender is as little appropriate as the masculine.


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  1. “As above, so below” doubtless enshrines some vast idea of analogical law, some basis of true reason, which would sum up the manifold appearances of things into one single verity; but the understanding of the nature of this mystery of manifoldness from the one - all one and one in all—is not to be attained by careless thinking, or by some lucky guess, or by the pastime of artificial correspondencing.
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  4. So, as you move about your day, take time to honor the power in the seen and unseen and the play between these two aspects of life. Use the mimicry of tree branches and roots to illustrate these profound connections between thoughts and things. Walk the path of the ancient Druids and submerge into the sacred wisdom available in Nature.
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  8. As Above, So Below review – an average shocker, with some big jumps 3 out of 5 stars. It's derivative and formulaic but John Erick Dowdle's hellbound horror definitely has the "boo!".
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