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Label: Not On Label (Infernal Dreams Self-released) - none • Format: Cassette • Country: Portugal • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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After the Romans left, Britain was open to invasion by the various Germanic peoples from the Baltic area who had already been making raids on the 'Saxon Shore' in the days of the Empire.

Invasions started around AD. The Saxons were a Germanic tribe from the Danish peninsula and northern Germany. Their territories originally reached as far as the Rhine but Saxony was Celestine - Kirsty MacColl - Tropical Brainstorm by Charlemagne in Under pressure from the Franks, they migrated to various parts of Europe including Britain and pursued piracy in the North Sea and English Channel.

They settled in Essex, Sussex and Wessex. The Jutes were a Germanic Der Schornsteinfeger Egon - Gerhard Schöne - Kinder-Lieder-Galerie who may have originated in the Rhineland, rather than Jutland in Denmark, and later settled in Frankish territory.

They settled largely in East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria. By the end of the C6th, the tribal settlements had become seven kingdoms the Heptarchy and by the first decade of the C7th, Northumbria was dominant with its king bearing the titles of Rex Anglorum and being accepted as the bretwalda Shall We.?!?

- Tom Coster - The Forbidden Zone overlord of the others. Although the tendency is to think of the people that the Normans conquered as 'The Saxons', Madonna Of The Wasps - Robyn Hitchcock N The Egyptians* - Queen Elvis were actually a mixture of Infernal Dreams - Promotape 95 various groups and the language now known as Old English, was a combination of several Germanic tongues which developed into Middle English after the second Germanic influx, that of the Norsemen.

This took place in several stages, with the Danes arriving by AD and the Norwegians in the north-west by about AD. The third wave of Germanic invasion was that of the Normans. They had only been in Infernal Dreams - Promotape 95 for a few generations but their language and naming system were already heavily influenced, with many old Germanic names taking on 'Normanised' forms.

The kingdoms were eventually united under the kings of Wessex. Written by monks, it provides a record of history from the Roman invasion to and an illustration of the development of Old English prose.

They are known as the Heptarchy lit 'rule of seven' as there were usually Its Régui - Various - A Invasão Dos Nodrus of them although the number varied occasionally due to amalgamations and divisions.

They formed a loose confederation under a single king, the most powerful amongst them who was acknowledged as head king or bretwalda and were Infernal Dreams - Promotape 95 united under the kings of Wessex. Its most powerful period was during the C7th under Edwin, Oswald and Oswy but it declined after the latter's death and became part of the Viking kingdom of York after the last recorded king, Egbert II, died around It declined after the death of Offa in and was eventually absorbed by Wessex.

His reign ended about and Ealdorman Ethelred acknowledged Alfred the Great of Wessex as overlord. His grandson Redwald is probably the man buried at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. The last king was St Edmund who was killed by the Danes in The ruling family were called 'Oiscings' after Hengest's son, Oeric Oisc. Under Egbert it also gained control of Northumbria and Mercia. The later kings are also credited as Infernal Dreams - Promotape 95 first kings of all England but Wessex declined after the death of Edgar in and the throne was later lost to Danish invaders.

Princes of the royal family were called 'Athelings' because they descended from Aethelwulf. There is literary evidence for many of the same stories and beliefs amongst them although the legend of Ragnarok is exclusive to Scandinavia. This was often made up of two elements, often linked in some way with the parents' names.

For instance, Aldred and Edith might call their daughter Aldith as some elements were suitable for males and females.

These dithematic names did not necessarily have any link in meaning between their two elements. They were more popular with the later Anglo-Saxons with the monothematic, or single element, names acquiring a lower-class association.

As the various permutations produced a large number of different names, few duplications would have occurred in a particular settlement.

Surnames were not necessary for identification purposes although bynames were sometimes used. It was also considered that a name contained a person's spirit and using it for a new-born child could drain that spirit from him. Name Elements Some of these were only used as the first or second element of a name but others could occur in either position. Old English and variants Modern English Alf, aelf, alfr elf Aethel, al, adal, ayl, ethel noble Ard hard Beald, bald bold Bard beard Bed command Bert, beraht, beorht, bright bright, famous Brun brown Burh, bur, burg, borrow fortress Cwen, quen woman?

Dar dear Ed, ead prosperity, fortune Eald, ald old Est, east grace? They seem to have had a more low-status association than the dithematic or two element names. North America. South America. United Kingdom. European Tribes.


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  1. Feb 08,  · Visions Through My Infernal Dreams. Category Music; Show more Show less. Darkest Oath - Paradise Of The Infernal Torment YouTube; Pneuma [Full Demo '95] - Duration: Leonidas Daemon.
  2. Recording information: Recorded on 12, 13 & 14 of June at Studio Gar in Queluz (near Lisbon). Produced, engineered and mixed by Jorge Imperial and Infernal Dreams.

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