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All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. What inference about mr. Lockwood's behavior can be made from the information in this passage?

We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! The author is outraged by his behavior. Asked in Grammar, Academic Writing How can you make a question with inference? There are several different key words that can be used when you make a question with inference for a reading passage.

Some of the key words to be aware of are "suggest,"? Sample questions on the links below to practice answering inference questions. Read the questions. Reread the passage paying attention to any hints that indicate the character's feelings, and to the events that happen in the passage. Relate the indications to feelings and the events that happen to your own personal experience, or how you would feel in a similar situation, and draw your conclusions.

Asked in Books and Literature What was the agents behavior in dealing with the family in the jungle? Asked in Scientific Method What is a inference question? It makes the reader analyze given information in a text and come to conclusions that arerelevantto the information. Read the passage below. Tanya and Mary stood looking up at the roller coaster.

Mary, if you don't want to go, just tell me" states Tanya Based on the passage, you can infer that Tanya is A Very nervous about going on the roller coaster B Cares more forthe rollercoasterthan her friend C Values friendship D Thinks Mary is being a coward If you picked C, then you are on the first step to answering inference questions.

Great job! The best way to get better atinferringis to practice. Make inferences while you read and ask your teacher to help you if you need. Hope this is a help ti many people. Asked in India Where can one find more information about a passage to India? This is actually a novel written by E. M Forster and published in There Broken Promises - Shotgun Symphony - The Last Symphony - A Retrospective no north west passage.

Also they gatherd information about native americans. When reading a passage on a reading test why should you circle switchback words? Inference means taking information and Water - The Tenants Of Balthazars Castle - The Crumbling an assumption or guess about it. An inferential question is one that can't be answered by the information within the question itself, but that you must make an educated guess.

An example would be a question where you read about a train ride and the passage includes a description of tall buildings outside the windows. An inferential question would be "Was the train traveling through the country or a city? Human nature can be improved thrpugh laws. Asked in Native American History Is not a conclusion about American Indians that can be reached from the information in this passage?

They were very wasteful of the buffalo. Asked in English Spelling and Pronunciation What is the difference between a expository passage and a narrative passage? Both expository and narrative passages do not contain dialogue. Expository passages are meant to expose something, usually background information.

Asked in Example Sentences When you use context Roller Coaster - Layabouts - Savage Behavior determine the meaning of a word where do you look primarily for information? B-in the rest of the passage. Asked in Cactus - David Bowie - Heathen Why are brackets used in a quoted passage?

To add extra information Ach Bitterheyt!

- Camerata Trajectina - Dowland In Holland I have curly hair which is blonde. Asked in Movies What Was the cafe in dark passage in Peru? No name was given for the cafe; the only information that was provided was that it was near the bay. Asked in Definitions What is the best definition of the word repletion? Based on the information in this passage, what is the most likely meaning of the underlined word? Roller Coaster - Layabouts - Savage Behavior in Science What is the transition word after after that?

There is no way to Roller Coaster - Layabouts - Savage Behavior this without more information. A transition word is a word used to connect two parts of a passage or quotation, so to complete your question you need to supply the passage or quotation. Asked in Books and Literature What is a passage in a book called?

A passage is a Passage Asked in Slavery What is a antonym for middle passage? Front passage, Back passage, Asked in Authors, Poets, and Playwrights Why do authors use text features? Authors use text features because it will show the reader resourceful information in the passage. Asked in Roman Empire, Ancient Rome Does the passage describe the lifestyle of the majority of Romans in ancient times?

What passage? Please be more specific in your question. Asked in The Last of the Mohicans What can be concluded from the information in this reading passage from the Last of the Mohicans? Duncan and his companions did not feel the Indian warrior was capable of merciless savage Roller Coaster - Layabouts - Savage Behavior. If you read the passage in the backs of the different books you will find the author's opinion and information on the author.

Passage is the correct spelling. Trending Questions.


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  6. Lockwood's behavior can be made from Tanya and Mary stood looking up at the roller coaster. Duncan and his companions did not feel the Indian warrior was capable of merciless savage acts.
  7. 2. According to the idea that behavior is disordered if it is not typical or culturally accepted, a person who does something that other people very rarely do would be considered ____.

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