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Download Soft As Oi Looks - Billie Richardson  - Soft As Oi Looks / Wots There Price O Swedes? (Shellac)

Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. That's all they call it. Remington rifle. One was a sporter that was torn down and shipped as an action only. No barrel or stocks, just a complete action. Surprise surprise Not square threads. First year production from? Does anybody have detailed Soft As Oi Looks - Billie Richardson - Soft As Oi Looks / Wots There Price O Swedes?

(Shellac) about this in Sweden? Apparently not. Is it commonly known? Sweden began producing their own rolling block receivers and complete rifles in They seemed to have been produced up into as I can't recall offhand seeing a receiver dated later than though I could be wrong so take that as anecdotal. I've seen only a couple Swedish Remingtons with walnut stocks.

All Swedish-made rolling blocks used arctic birch. None used walnut. I've seen only a couple in 9 years. Remington is on the left and is about universal for all Remington rolling blocks no matter what country they were made for. The furniture dates much older thanusually They may be seen with Remington-made receivers or Swedish-made.

Simpons's in Illinois has at least one of them that they don't know what model it is or why its unique. Originally Posted by bubba. Dutch: I would love a I have a stash of brass. Will you provide a tutorial on components, dies, moulds and loads? Also, any known sources for centerfire rifles?

Resp'y, Bob S. I hate sending someone to Simpson's in Illinois for Swedish rolling blocks because they show so many errors in their listings its pathetic This one isn't bad These rifles never saw a jacketed bullet so they don't really wear out but they can be found with blackpowder pitting.

The only 12,7mm rifle I have now is one of these. Isn't pretty but tight action. Swedes like to reload. Can't reload rimfire.

But you should ask the seller to insure it has a centerfire firing pin. The tightness of a rolling block action is something that you have to see and feel. I got one from Sweden that was so bad I couldn't sell it as it was. I had to send it to a gunsmith who bushed the breechblock. It was a rather rare school rifle. But side-to-side breechblock and hammer play can be corrected with shims.

I'm talking. You can feel it. Spreading of the receiver. Doesn't sound good and its not but some are like this and the buyer should be aware. Excessive headspace. There are degrees of this "play". Many sellers of these rifles will not really know about this issue of excessive play in the breechblock and hammer.

This is what's better about Jah Love - Al Campbell - Working Man purchasing of such a rifle. Many Mango Juice - Steppenwolf - At Your Birthday Party Simpson's will say "finish turning to patina" or "brown patina".

They're not turning a patina. This is a nice rifle but dang!! There are other models besides these. Simpson's had a couple of the earlier rolling blocks built from percussion rifles and they don't know the difference.

The stream of Swedish rolling block Τραγούδι - Χάρρυ Κλυνν - Γρανίτα Από Τζατζίκι isn't endless.

You Wanted More - a-ha А Также: Morten Harket / Savoy - Домашняя Коллекция going to end abruptly.

This is a civilian sporter as it still has 2 barrel bands. This rifle also has a Remington receiver and a Remington buttstock and buttplate. Ich Bin Dafür - Schöngeist - Wehe! common but also not a big deal.

Just informational. Overall appearance is pretty good but that's just from the photos. Inventory Number - C Don't worry about a missing cleaning rod on a rifle. They're about universal for that model and there are reproduction rods made. I use Lyman. No big deal. Bullets are. Soft lead is better but I've shot hard cast gr and gr. The barrels are 6 groove conventional sharp edged rifling. There's a Lee custom mold in.

I can point you to the source. I think they're both grain. While you can shoot gr slugs they do tend to travel a little slower.

They kick a little more, too, in a 7 pound sporter. Even more in a 6 pound artillery carbine with 18" barrel. Fun though. Its an easy cartridge to load for. Case length may take a little fine tuning. First time loaded. I use Buffalo Arms vegetable wads over the powder. And I made a bronze compression plug that goes on the end of the Lyman M die stem. With 70 and 75 grains of Ffg you have to crunch that load down pretty good to get the bullet seated.

You can load 60 grains just as well. Pyrodex, too. I've done some Pyrodex RS. If I was going to do a lot of blackpowder shooting I'd follow Moonfall - Nhor - Wildflowers: Autumn (File) Pat Wolf method of opening up the primer pocket to a larger size.

And always use magnum large rifle primers with BP. Pat Wolf's book on loading for the Trapdoor is Soft As Oi Looks - Billie Richardson - Soft As Oi Looks / Wots There Price O Swedes? (Shellac) of the best books on handloading blackpowder I've ever read. What a great work it is, very enjoyable to read. I highly recommend it.

I've loaded mild Soft As Oi Looks - Billie Richardson - Soft As Oi Looks / Wots There Price O Swedes? (Shellac) loads and XMP to equal the blackpowder velocity per chronography. Rounded primers and nice loads. The load with Unique, I think, was around 1, fps and will bang the gong all day long at yards. Its a girly load. There are small but important factors like the breechblock play that affect the rolling block, along with the safety factor, that I just now have two, a 8mm sporter with beautiful custom very flashy fiddleback walnut and a Marble's tang sight and a well worn 12,7mm sporter.

I love my Mausers too much. I bought a rifle from Simpson's about 3 years ago. My object was to get A Quand - KDD - Opte Pour Le K good action so I ignored the collectable rifles and was not bothered by bore or wood condition.

It's now a really beautiful.


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  3. Jun 19,  · This thread is naught without photos but it'll have to wait for photos until I can access the CD that they're on The Swedish military rolling blocks manufactured by HVA, aka Husqvarna, were known as the Model They're basically the same as the Remington m/ which in Sweden is known as the Remingtongevär. That's all they call it.
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