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I've been considering a new UTH initiative. This remains an uphill battle against the strong and continuing bias of 'retail' ufology in favor of the ETH. That mindset remains the single largest obstacle to the BPWH. There was a poll at OM concerning this issue. Mine was the only vote out of 32 for an exclusive UTH! But, by the same token, there was only one vote for an exclusive ETH. This sample was self-selecting on the religious side, it would seem.

I notice that there is no entry for the UTH in the topical index. This is a significant oversight on my part. Can we accept this conclusion? Does it subvert our gut instinct?

Another test case involves SETI. What is the ontic implication of ETI? In this instance, immaterialism agrees with the orthodox ontology of intelligence. For immaterialism, separate worlds entail separate creations, if not necessarily separate Creators. The Creator s hardly have the option of 'physically' linked creations. Therefore, a radio search would be logically futile. And what about the starry sky? Well, it serves many purposes in this creation, especially as a very aesthetically, natural backdrop.

Even Lucas would be proud. Aren't there other civilizations out there. I am suggesting there is no there, there. Whatever visitors Intro: Kryptonita - Miguel Mateos - Kryptonita may have are of the interdimensional variety, not interstellar.

Contributing to the ETH bias is the natural desire of the ufologists to distinguish themselves from the 'mere' religionists. It is future oriented. The UTH is soooo. The ETH feeds into and on the Conspiracy mindset that is also a staple of retail ufology. The UTH Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us not argue against the notion of a cover-up, but it does cast it in a very different light.

The ETH has fueled the Sci-Fi craze that is a staple of modern culture, garnering the vast resources of the Entertainment industry. Consider Star Wars vs. This last fact, however, ought to give us serious pause concerning Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us lies behind the ETH. The common mis- understanding of the ETH vs. Any ufo-type phenomenon with a 'physical' component is automatically deemed to be supportive of After 11 With Vids - Mantrakid - Neutralmonism ETH.

Ufologists become very defensive about the 'reality' of their phenomena. Raising the scepter of the UTH is, to them, seen as tantamount to labeling their phenomena as mere phantasms, and probably the result of an Growl Growl - Various - Colours Of The Bastard Art! mind or an altered state of consciousness.

The UTH, taken in that light, may be construed by them as an attack on their sanity. The concern with physical traces then becomes paramount in their minds. The fact that such traces may be hard to come by, is no inducement to the UTH for them.

In maintaining the UTH, I will certainly play the religion card. But there is a problem here, as the literalists have been quick to Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us out.

The canonical ETs are the Nephilim, Genesis The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. This cosmic intercourse is taken to be part of the corruption of Antediluvian humanity. Only Angels are ever said to materialize in the Bible. Demons act only in states of possession. Therefore the Nephilim could not be seen as mere fallen or demonic entities; they must be ETs!

Yes, one does have to mind one's p's and q's when it comes to the literalists. Modern dualism is very strong in the minds of the literalists, literalism being almost contemporaneous with Cartesian dualism. I suspect a strong historical and conceptual linkage. Dematerialization is the physical basis of nuclear and thermonuclear reactions, as I ought to know.

If a ufo dematerializes, how is matter and energy still conserved? Instead of a strict materialization, ex-nihilo, the BPWH simply posits a local overlapping of ordinarily distinct realities or realms of consciousness. In that sense, ufos manifest an alternate state of reality or collective consciousness that is, for some good reason, given to intrude upon ours.

Such overlaps do Take Me To The Stars (Cristian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Flow Edit) - Cristian Marchi - We Are Perfect occur capriciously.

They must be strongly motivated, and must serve some teleological purpose. There may well be a mutuality of intent, which is normally subconscious on our side.

In the case of Stargates, this overlap of realities is more stabilized and localized in its manifestation. And, yes, there may well be a virtual or ersatz 'technology' associated with these manifestations. There can be a real magic involved, but it is a 'technology' that can in no way be extrapolated from ours, unless, possibly, we use virtual realities as an analogy. According to the BPWH, the Earth itself is ultimately to be understood as a very strongly ingrained collective state of mind: a dream world that has become so strongly habituated that it takes on all the trappings of physicality.

It is the occasional and increasing cracks in our cosmic shell that give lie to the perception of materiality. The eschaton will mark the culmination of this inevitable breakdown of the barriers between the various realities. It is this projection of our dream-world that explains the origin of the Anthropic Principle along with the Unreasonable Effectiveness of mathematics. How else would the abstract and complex structures of mathematics become embedded in the foundations of our reality, that is so finely 'tuned' to the existence of life?

How else do we explain the very peculiar 'ghostliness' of the Quantum Realm? The high-strangeness and great variety of ufo related phenomena rules out the possibility explaining them with any single theory of physics. As it stands there is no theory of physics that comes close to explaining any of these reported phenomena. In fact, as physics becomes more mature and coherent in Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us mathematical theorizing, so does it become more impervious to they kinds of radical rethinking that last occurred over a hundred years ago.

There is much less room for maneuver than there was back then. But even the revolutionary developments of a hundred years ago, pale in comparison to what might conceivably address this plethora of uncorrelated phenomena. What is suggested instead is that physics and LAnno Della Tigre - Roby Facchinetti - Roby Facchinetti modern worldview should be inverted or literally stood on its head.

Our rethinking would have to go all the way back to the Copernican Revolution. If we reflect upon the world as being oriented toward the mind, instead of toward matter, we can keep our technology and still find ample room for the otherwise uncorrelated phenomena.

The BPW is the best of all worlds. And even more important, the ETH provides the final cover story for the impending Revelation. Thus have we seen that the ETH fails the tests of evidence and of reason.

Whereas the UTH easily passes all tests. It should be no contest. The supporters of the ETH are operating in an intellectual vacuum. They feel no compunction about the exercise of due diligence.

They dismiss all contrary views as part of the conspiracy Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us them. The knee-jerk reaction to the UTH is that it is intended as a denial of the physical reality of the phenomenon.

But I do not know of any advocates of the UTH who are given to denying physicality. Rather, and especially wrt the BPWH, there is the view that physicality is not an absolute designation. The definition of physical is necessarily contextual. According to the WAP, there are an actual infinity of universes that may be existing in parallel with each other, but they may interact so weakly or not at all so that a parallel Earth could pass right through our Earth, virtually undetected.

To us it would Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us nothing more than a will o' the wisp! And so would we also not appear to our parallel cousins. What is thought to make matter solid is a very abstract symmetry principle having to do with the connection between 'spin' and statistics. This anti-symmetry is dictated by special relativity. Therefore, two identical electrons cannot occupy same quantum state, and this fact is what keeps atoms from collapsing in a burst of energy.

If you have a slightly different particle, it would not feel this repulsion from the normal, identical electrons. Similar consideration apply Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - Celer - Perfectly Beneath Us the 'ordinary' forces acting between particles. Particular particles only experience certain kinds of forces. Neutrinos can zip right through the Earth and feel nothing at all. Billions of neutrinos penetrate your body every second, with no effect. Photons respond to electric charge, but not to the 'color' charges of quarks.

There could be a universe of different particles and differently defined charges that might harbor sentient life, but that would be completely undetectable to us. Or consider the case of an 'antimatter' world.


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  1. Download Celer songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Celer. Download Celer songs, singles and albums on MP3. Perfectly Beneath Us. Celer Slightly Apart, Almost Touching - () BPM BUY. Distressing Sensations - () BPM BUY. Ultra-terrestrial Yearning - () BPM.
  2. The one thing I am sure of, however, is that there is an intelligence behind the phenomenon [ ] The ETH fails, but I also find the ‘pure’ form of the PCH insufficient, so I turn to Vallee’s UTH (sometimes also known as the EDI, or extra-dimensional intelligence theory), as the best model, for now.
  3. (Drone / Ambient / Minimal) Celer - релизов (incl. Chubby Wolf) - Perfectly Beneath Us 1 Slightly Apart, Almost Touching 2 Distressing Sensations 3 Ultra-terrestrial Yearning 4 Absolute Receptivity Of All The Senses. - Redness & Perplexity 1. Voluminous Files of Multi-colored Lines / AM Arrest and Conclusion
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  5. Aug 12,  · These Ultra-Terrestrials are so superior to us it’s almost impossible for us to comprehend their existence. All we know of them are fleeting glimpses of lights in the sky, occasional bizarre encounters between human beings and so-called aliens, and other unexplainable phenomena.
  6. Perfectly Beneath Us by Celer, released 24 April 1. Slightly Apart, Almost Touching 2. Distressing Sensations 3. Ultra-terrestrial Yearning 4. Absolute Receptivity of All the Senses.

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