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Label: Cis-Trance - CTCD-0008 • Format: CD Album, Partially Mixed • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic • Style: Speedcore, Happy Hardcore, Makina, J-Core
Download U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (Jumper Makina Mix) - DJ-Technetium* - 東方ハードコア

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Some of you may or may not know of the popular Touhou song called "U. This song was Flandre Scarlet 's boss theme and the first Touhou song to gain memetic popularity through means unrelated to Touhou. Because of her unstable personality and incredible destructive power, her sister has had her locked up in the basement for nearly years. She knows little about the world outside and until the heroines arrived during the Extra Stage of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil she had had no substantive contact with any humans save Sakuya.

She's the younger sister of Remilia, and has a lot less control than her sibling, hence the reasoning for the information above.

Ability: Destruction of anything and everything The Extra Boss. Also the Mistress's younger sister. She is a vampiric magical girl and has been the U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (Jumper Makina Mix) - DJ-Technetium* - 東方ハードコア Devil's younger sister for about U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (Jumper Makina Mix) - DJ-Technetium* - 東方ハードコア . She's kind of nuts and isn't usually allowed out of the cellar, but she usually doesn't try to let herself out.

She really respects her older sister Remilia, but her raw destructive power far exceeds that of her sister's. Although she is usually docile, her insanity makes it difficult for others to understand her. When vampires attack humans, they generally try to take their prey alive so that they can suck its blood afterward, but Flandre has always been fed with cooked dishes, so Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.

1 F-moll (Für Orchester) - Various - Berühmte Operchöre Und Intermezzi doesn't know how to properly attack a human. Whenever she tries to attack a human, she fusses too much and blows them away without leaving a spot of blood.

Perhaps she can't tell that her daily meals are made from living humans. Her meals look like such harmless foodstuffs as cake and tea, after all Owen was her? I liked this one the best out of the whole game. It depicts a devilish girl in an Oriental and mysterious way. Loli-tastic melodies like this are what I'm best Margaret (Maggie) Owens - No Hard Times / Crazy Arms, so I had a lot of fun composing this U.

You can find that video here. Background story aside, I made this topic so we could share remixes and MADs of this great song. I'm looking forward to what you all manage to dig up. Flandre's Theme is really fun and exciting to listen to.

No iframe support, please watch on YouTube. Most recent one I've listened to is the one for Index Nico link. Owen was the pseudonym of the mysterious person who gathered all the characters in the story and killed them one by one. It's supposed to sound like the word "unknown. Originally Posted by KaNa-Kun. Originally Posted by Avisch. Originally Posted by Hisana. This is probably my favorite vocal remix of U. Best rendition of U. Owen I've ever heard Even though the focus is not U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (Jumper Makina Mix) - DJ-Technetium* - 東方ハードコア Flan, this one is still a remix of U.

Owen combined with Septette for the Dead Princessand perhaps the most well-known in-Touhou ie. Title: Touhou Sweets! Last edited by herbert; at Last edited by KaNa-Kun; at I prefer the darker renditions. Hisana; Oh, yeah. I don't like those two other nayuta mixes very much, but the first Sayuri one is great. She's another vocalist I hear on Nico a lot and I find that she does a good job. I think a lot of people were dragged in by the awesome music.

Since herbert posted the track for Touhou Sweets, I figured I'd share the flash video for it. I kinda wondering. Do you guys think it's a good idea to use this or create another thread for Touhou music in general? People started to post touhou MAD's in image thread, maybe it's more fitting to have them posting in Music sub-forum. I could start one if no one minds I'll post the link here afterwards.

Hisana, that Eurobeat remix was pretty hot Not to take anything away from her singing talents but some of the lyrics were hard to understand, even with karaoke U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (Jumper Makina Mix) - DJ-Technetium* - 東方ハードコア "mainstream" version was also nice. I think a mod can close this thread now that we have a new one Flandre FTW!

I still love the original song most though EastNewSound has without a doubt the very best remix of all. Just saying that There is a new thread for Touhou remixes It's on page 1 It's mentioned in post 15 The last post is 11 months Killers - Pantera - Projects In The Jungle. Tags touhou Thread Tools.

All times are GMT The time now is Contact Us - Support - AnimeSuki. We use Silk. Mark Forums Read. User Name. Remember Me? Trouble logging in? Thread Tools. Remixes Some of you may or may not know of the popular Touhou song called "U. Send a private message to CC. Find More Posts by CC. Send a private message to Avisch.

Find More Posts by Avisch. Send a private message to Clarste. Find More Posts by Clarste. Originally Posted by Hisana This is probably my favorite vocal remix of U. Admittedly, U. Owen was what got me interested in Touhou. Send a private message to whitepearl. Find More Posts by whitepearl.

Send a private message to herbert. Find More Posts by herbert. SWF Ver. Here, the artist 'kouks' Website was responsible for the Flash Animation. He also did the Flash for the track Power of dream. U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? (Jumper Makina Mix) - DJ-Technetium* - 東方ハードコア a private message to Tabura. Find More Posts by Tabura. Send a private message to Eisdrache. Find More Posts by Eisdrache.

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Various - Najlepše Pop Rock Balade, The Important Things - I Object!* - I Object!, Niña Estrella, Maya, Don Gil De Alcalá, Chamaco Y Carrasquilla - Manuel Penella*, Lina Huarte, Teres, Not Giving Up On Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) - Armin Van Buuren - Mirage - The Remixes

  1. +~*~歌詞~*~+ 暗いお城で開かれた 一人きりで始まるお茶会 籠の中の小鳥さん あなた、わたしと踊りましょ? 休む事も無く 手を叩く 終わる事の無い 秘密のカルニバル カゴメよカゴメ お菓子はいかが? 赤色と青色の飴 お菓子の家に出口は.
  2. 年の「月喰淵夜」から5年、シリーズベストアルバムが遂に登場! 2枚組30曲というフルボリュームに加え、過去のジャケットを収録したブックレット封入 レーベルも、勿論書き下ろしのピクチャーレーベル仕様 また楽曲は、全曲に音の差し替えやリマスタリングを施しました!.
  3. OP「Stardust Dreams」/原曲:U.N.オーエンは彼女 「東方スカイファイト」は領域ZERO【チームREDZONE】製作の 「東方Project」.
  4. (偶然发点dj information ガチじゃないから面白い!?キャッチーなハードコア、2枚組ベストアルバム! 東方ハードコア ベストアルバム玉響宴奴 -タマユラエンド-頒布日時 博麗神社..|big-cd同人 .
  5. 02 Ghostly Orchestra ~ Phantom Ensemble (Makina Mix) 03 U.N. Owen was her? (Jumper Makina Mix) 04 The capital city of flowers in the sky (Jumper Makina Mix) 05 Voyage (Hard NRG Mix) 06 Help me, ERINNNNNN!! (Nu Style MIX) 07 Bloom nobly, cherry blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life (Makina Mix) 08 Septette for the Dead Princess (Makina Mix).
  6. 東方Vocalで良いなぁと思った曲を紹介していこうと思います。 素敵な曲に巡り合える助けになればと思っております♪ Original: U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?.
  7. カテゴリ: cd - ハッピーハードコア 価格:円(税込) 哀愁&ダーク系ハードコアコンピレーションシリーズ第五弾! フリーフォーム、トランスコア、マキナ、ニュースタイルガバを 軸にメロディアスで悲しいハードコアサウンド満載!ハードコアタノシー.

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